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David Stern goes easy

by james on October 26th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

As usual, Stern rules the NBA!

How is this possible?

David Stern admits half the referees in the NBA violated the league gambling policy and he is letting them off.

At first this made no sense at all, but then putting myself in Stern’s shoes and they were really tight fitting and short, it was easy to see that there was no way he could suspend half the referees right before the season.

So, David Stern did the next best thing. He demoted Stu Jackson and Ronnie Nunn.

Stern also said Stu Jackson and Ronnie Nunn, in charge of monitoring officiating, will both have their roles altered. But he stressed they were being “expanded” rather than demotions — even though Jackson’s job now will be divided between two people and the league will be “cutting down on some of (Nunn’s) other responsibilities.” source

Oh, excuse me; their roles will be expanded to have less to do with the officials, if that makes any sense.

You must keep in mind that Stern is the master and has successfully guided the NBA for years. How a short guy got that job is anyone’s guess.

NBA Basketball David Stern factoid Stern attended Teaneck High School in New Jersey, then went to Rutgers, and Columbia Law School. source

In other Stern news, he is letting Jim Dolan and Isiah Thomas off the hook too.

Stern also reiterated that he is not currently considering any action toward Knicks coach Isiah Thomas or Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan in the aftermath of the ruling against them in a sexual harassment suit brought by former team executive Anucha Browne Sanders.

The trial did bring another change, however. All team personnel now will be required to set and meet minimum standards regarding sensitivity training and respect in the workplace.

Stern also brought up the fact that Seattle may lose their franchise to another city.

The board heard what “wasn’t a very uplifting report” about the situation in Seattle, where there has been no progress on funding for a new arena that would keep the Supersonics in the city. Stern called himself an optimist but said his “optimism is waning” when it comes to the team’s future there.

Ok, refs gambling, owners and GMs harassing, Seattle moving and that was all before David Stern had lunch.

David Stern had the good fortune to enter the league as commissioner at the same time as Michael Jordon entered the league, but it was more than the appeal of Jordan that helped expand the NBA.

Stern has orchestrated the NBA to expand throughout the world and also oversees the WNBA.

In spite of criticisms, the NBA would definitely miss David Stern and his guidance.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Who would you replace Stern with?

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