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Chris Weber to retire

by james on March 26th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Chris Weber wanted to play for Detroit again

Chris Weber is going to announce his retirement. His knee just could not make it go.

Webber played only nine games this season in his comeback attempt with the Golden State Warriors before being sidelined by a bum knee that has hampered him in recent years.

Webber was the most prominent member of the Fab Five at Michigan and played for Golden State, Washington, Sacramento, Philadelphia and Detroit in his NBA career.

Weber wanted to play for the Pistons this year, but no roster spot opened. Joe Dumars spoke to him.

“It was the same thing I told him and told everybody else. Listen, we’re not going to sit here and just eat $2-3 million and sign Chris back at a minimum contract. And I told that to Chris and I told that to (agent) Aaron Goodwin. I said that to the media. I consistently said that. If we could find a home for one of these guys towards the end of the bench and create a roster spot, then we would have a spot. And even then, we’re talking about the fourth or the fifth big man.

The bad knee left Chris with options.

Poor Chris Weber, with all that talent, will be remembered as a great Fantasy Basketball player and a player that played most of his healthy career with bad teams.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Did you get to see Chris Weber in his prime?

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