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Artest Not Retiring

by Angelo on March 27th, 2007

Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest cleared things up regarding the news that spread regarding retiring at the end of the season so he could be with his family. Apparently retiring really isn’t his intention.

In a message e-mailed Monday night to ESPN.com, Artest said: “All these statements about retirement and going overseas were made because I am weakened by not being around my family. When I am not playing basketball, it’s hard not having them around me.

In Monday’s radio interview, Artest elaborated by saying: “I don’t plan to retire. [But] when you don’t have your kids around, you can get a little bit vulnerable, a little weak.”

I think everybody can relate to Artest’s pondering to retire because of his family. When you’re away from the ones you love you can do and say things without really thinking. This just shows though that for a while there he was willing to walk away from the game of basketball just to be with them but I guess he realized that’s not necessary at all.

Somehow it’s a great thing to see these things happen to Ron since the fans get to see that he isn’t always the bad boy the media portrays him to be. We get to see a more sensitive and vulnerable side to Ron Artest that seems to show off his good side. It gives you the light feeling that even the Bad Boy of the NBA can turn weak inside.


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