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Chicago Bulls - what happened?

by james on November 12th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

The Bulls are 1 - 5.

How can that be?

There are basically 5 reasons.

Oh, this is a joke right. The five reasons are the 5 starting players, right?

No, there are really 5 reasons and here they are.

1. Point guard play

Kirk Hinrich owns an assist-to-turnover ratio of just 2-1 and leads the Bulls in personal fouls. The fifth-year guard threw one pass Saturday night against the Raptors that a youth basketball coach would stop a practice to criticize, a one-handed, cross-court pass across his body.

“Offensively we aren’t sharp, and ultimately that’s my responsibility,” Hinrich said. “I haven’t been playing very well.” source

Hinrich and Gordon? Make the trade for Kobe!

2. Shooting slumps

Can happen to any team.

3. Coaching communication

Never easy to be one of Scott Skiles little minions.

4. Wallace’s woes

Slowed through four games by a sore left ankle, Wallace hasn’t come close to resembling the dominant rebounder and defender he can be. Already, he has sat for three entire fourth quarters, although the other four starters joined him for Saturday’s blowout loss.

In the two games since Wallace has said his ankle is better, he has just 12 rebounds. That used to be one night’s work—and often then some—for him.

Wallace was on the down slope when they got him. What did they expect?

5. Mental fortitude

The “Kobe! Kobe!” chants are now as much a part of home games as Benny the Bull. The multimillion dollar extensions for Deng and Gordon went unsigned. The Eastern Conference is stronger.

Easy solution. Make the trade for Kobe!

NBA Basketball Fan Question Would you make the trade?

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