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Bulls Top Defending Champs In Game 1

by Angelo on April 23rd, 2007

Last year the Chicago Bulls played the Miami Heat in the first round and gave them one heck of a time pushing the them to the brink of elimination. The Heat got their act together and managed to win the series and the rest is history. The Heat won the NBA title. One has to wonder what could have happened if the Bulls won that series. Perhaps the Mavericks would have won it all.

This year, the two teams meet again in the first round and everything seems like deja vu. The Bulls won game one of the series 96-91. Luol Deng was the Bulls’ leading scorer with 33 points while Ben Gordon had a great night posting 24 points and 11 assists as Gordon took over while Kirk Hinrich struggled with foul trouble. Ben Wallace played an important role in guarding Shaq and grabbed 14 rebounds too. The Miami Heat on the other hand managed to keep things pretty close until they were dealt a huge blow in the fourth quarter when Shaq fouled out and Dwayne Wade was on the floor with 5 fouls. Aside from Shaq and Wade, Antoine Walker also managed to to give a good contribution as he scored 20 points.

The Heat find themselves in a familiar situation and they have the experience to try to make it past the Bulls in this series. The question is whether they have the drive and have enough gas in their tanks to make the push. The Bulls are a younger team and they’re more beefed up than what the Heat faced last year. Even if the Heat has every desire to win this series, the question is whether they can stand up to the Bulls this time around. If they struggled last year, perhaps this year they will fail altogether facing a stronger team than last year. Game 1’s result certainly agrees with that. Let’s see what happens.


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