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March 17th, 2007

Kareem in The Movie “Airplane”

I was just browsing around Youtube like I usually do sometimes and I came across this funny clip of Kareem starring in the 1980 film “Airplane” with Leslie Nielsen. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s quite hilarious and even you have seen it, it still should bring back some nice memories. Enjoy!

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February 9th, 2007

Coach Barone Looks Like Emeril!

I was watching a Grizzlies game the other day and they showed Grizzlies coach Tony Barone and I had an epiphany. I really don’t know why I thought of or noticed this before but he really looks like celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse of the show Emeril Live. Tell me what you think.

Tony Barone

Emeril Lagasse

Now every […]

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February 5th, 2007

Funny NBA Quotes: Yao on Elvis

Houston’s Yao Ming, asked about Elvis Presley after singing “Viva Las Vegas!” for an All-Star promo:
“I have never seen any of his movies, but I guess he was very, very big and everyone loved his music.”
LA Times 2/4/07
Yes Yao, he was very very big and he still is!

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December 22nd, 2006

NBA Brawls Video

In light of the recent brawl between the Knicks and the Nuggets, I decided to look up some videos of past NBA altercations. Of course, such a video wouldn’t be complete without including the brawl between the Pacers and the Pistons back in ‘04. Have fun!
Warning: Song playing in the background is not child friendly.

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December 18th, 2006

Nuggets - Knicks Brawl

I was out the whole day when the Knicks and the Nuggets had an amazing brawl at Madison Square Garden and it’s too bad I wasn’t able to see it live. Thanks to Youtube though I WAS able to see it
Ten players, including NBA scoring leader Carmelo Anthony, were ejected during an on-court incident […]

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November 28th, 2006

Video: Some Really Bad Dunk Contest Dunks

It’s still to early to think about the All Star Weekend and the Slam Dunk Contest (or is it? All Star Voting already?) but this youtube video I got from Hoopsaddict is hilarious. It shows some really bad dunks. In fact the title of the video is NBA - 5 worst dunks ever. Check out […]

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November 24th, 2006

MJ Bloopers

I’ve been browsing Youtube lately looking for stuff here and there and I came across this video of MJ bloopers. Yeah, the greatest NBA player of all time is human too sometimes. I just like to share it with you guys. Enjoy!

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November 22nd, 2006

Video: Nate Robinson Blocks Yao Ming

This highlight reel made me jump off my seat. It’s one thing for a small guy to posterize a bigger player and it’s another for him to block a tall guy’s shot. This is Yao Ming we’re talking about. Not only is he 7′6 but he’s also super dominant around the basket. This reminds me […]

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November 19th, 2006

Kobe Youngest To 17,000 Points

Kobe Bryant became part of league history again by becoming the youngest ever to reach 17,000 points and the funny part is he did it against the Raptors. Yes, the same team (while now greatly overhauled) that made Bryant the second best scorer in a single game with 81 points last season. While you know […]

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November 11th, 2006

Picking On The New Guy

It’s somewhat a custom in any setting to pick on the new guy, whether it’s the high school seniors picking on the freshmen or the NBA vets picking on the rookies. In the NBA, the new guys are usually the rookies and they get a lot of rookie duties like getting the team doughnuts […]

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