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Bulls to pick Beasley or Rose?

by james on June 17th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Michael Beasley is shorter than listed in college, but still a lot taller than O.J. Mayo

Image details: Kansas State v USC served by picapp.com

The Chicago Bulls have the first pick in the draft and seem to have narrowed it down to Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose.

Beasley seems to have come up short, in height that is.

He measured 6-foot-8 1/4 at the NBA’s predraft camp after being listed at 6-10 in college.

“It’s a little disappointing to me to find out I’m actually a midget,” Beasley said in jest. “But it’s not a big deal to me.”


Of course, nothing is easy in Bulls land lately, both of these players are just coming off of their freshman years, so there are questions, but there is no denying their talent.

Check out the stats on Beasley.

Quick, strong and agile, Beasley put together one of the best seasons ever by a freshman, becoming the third in NCAA history to lead the nation in rebounds at 12.4 per game while averaging 26.2 points. He had the second-most rebounds and third-most points by a freshman in NCAA history, helping Kansas State to its first NCAA tournament victory in 20 years.

He was the Big 12 player of the year, a consensus All-American and the runner-up to North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough for several player of the year awards, but there are concerns about his character and height.

Most of Beasley’s issues seem to be plain immaturity, but then do you give a guy like that all that money?

Fair or not, one of the major issues surrounding him is his character.

To that, Beasley said, “If I have character issues, sorry — I guess.”

The issues stem from Beasley’s sense of humor.

He’s a prankster, has been since he was a young child.

It was not a major problem when his targets were friends and relatives, but teachers and school administrators were not always amused.

He wound up attending seven schools in five years as a teen, and that included a stint at basketball power Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, where he was told not to come back after he and a teammate bet who could sign his name in black marker on the most objects in the school.

Derrick Rose will visit Chicago next.

As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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