As you know the Blazers only have an interim filling in for the GM role for the Portland Trailblazers after Steve Patterson unexpectedly resigned earlier this season. The current guy is an NFL guy named to the position by owner Paul Allen. I’m not saying he’s not good ) and in fact he might be). What I’m saying is that it’s pretty sure that they will need an NBA guy sooner or later to take the job full time and they just might have the right guy for the job and he’s interested. He’s former Kings coach Rick Adelman who also used to coach the Blazers during the time of Clyde Drexler and Terry Porter.

“Of course I’d be interested (in the GM post),” says Adelman, who played with Petrie on the first Blazer teams and coached the team to the NBA Finals in 1990 and ’92. “Why wouldn’t I be? I don’t know if I want to coach again, but I do know I want to live here, and I would love to work with the organization.

“I have a strong connection to the franchise. I love what (coach) Nate McMillan is doing with their young players. I’ve been around this league a long time and know what it takes to put together a winning team. The challenge of that job would appeal to me, and I think I could help.”

Rick’s coaching experience should help him in a GM role even if the two roles are different. Many guys have made that transition from coach to GM and I think he could be one of those guys who can do it with much success. Rick has coached several winning teams in his career so he must know what it takes to build a winning team. He knows the kind of talent a team must have and the kind of work ethic players need to succeed in the league. Given his successes in coaching and his connection to the Blazers community I think he’s the perfect guy out there. Paul Allen should really look into this situation and hopefully get him.


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