While Isiah Thomas still has yet to prove this season that he can lead the Knicks out of the disaster that was last season, I think he has shown to New York and to the rest of the world that drafting rookie Renaldo Balkman at number 20 on draft night isn’t that bad at all. In fact now that we know Balkman better by seeing him play this offseason, it’s a bit safe to say that it’s actually a good thing. The Knicks need a work horse like him to do the dirty work and play some defense.

But Isiah is still sore at ESPN analyst Greg Anthony for the criticism he got on draft night for selecting Balkman instead of a guy like Marcus Williams. The projections were that Balkman would even be a second round talent so if Thomas wanted him he could have gotten him at 29 where they drafted Mardy Collins instead.

I just thought he was very unfair to the Knicks organization,” Thomas said. “It would be different had he not worn a Knick uniform. But for a guy who claims to have been a Knick, to treat the Knicks the way he treated us that night …

Heck, Reggie Miller just ripped his Pacers for supporting Stephen Jackson. You don’t hear anyone complaining about not showing some respect just because he’s a former Pacer. If you’re an NBA analyst you analyze the whole league with as little bias as possible. It’s your job to be objective - to criticize and praise alike. It just so happens that greg Anthony and most of the world neber really knew Balkman. Grats to Thomas for being able to spot the talent he was looking for but hes still an idiot for being sore at Anthony.

The most common reaction to the drafting of Balkman on draft night was “who?” It wasn’t just Greg Anthony who was clueless that night. Even New York fans were clueless and angry! Considering this was the pick that fans were hoping could erase the nightmare of last season, Anthony had a valid criticism on the selection. The fact that Isiah is sore at Anthony given the circumstances just proves that he’s got one heck of a temper and he’s a total idiot. If he can’t swallow that criticism until now I pity him as a person. The GM role attracts a lot of such criticism and if he can’t take it, he’s not fit for it. If I were Isiah I’d just let Balkman’s play do the talking and surely Anthony will eat his words.

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  1. archangel joseph Says:

    Poor poor Knicks. They dont deserve their team, their coach, and their GM…..

  2. James Says:

    Hey Angelo,
    you write about ex piston Allan Houston, then ex piston Isiah, it is time to write about current Pistons.
    Why do you think Bill Davidson threw Isiah out of the Pistons organization? Brain and mouth are not connected.

  3. Angelo Says:

    Isiah was a fierce competitor back in his playing days, so fierce that sometimes his temper got the best of him. Looks like it carried over. He holds grudges for a long time and now i understand why Larry Bird threw him out of Indiana. Remember him feud with Shandon Anderson a few years back? Isiah hated his guts so bad they weren’t even talking and seem to remember Anderson wasn’t even allowed to play.

    James: You’re right. Brain and mouth aren’t connected. I actually came to a realization that I have more respect for Bill Laimbeer than to Isiah. Laimbeer was an asshole on the court but he wouldn’t hurt a fly off it. Isiah was and still is an asshole on and off the court. I don’t care if he’s a hall of famer. He’s an asshole.

  4. Hoops Perspectives » Blog Archive » Link-A-Roo Says:

    […] NBA Obsessed says Isiah is annoyed at Greg Anthony for questionning his decision to pick Renaldo Balkman.  Does Isiah get mad at everyone who publicly questions his baffling moves? […]

  5. maddux Says:

    He is an asshole I couldn’t agree with you more. Its a shame really but he is.

  6. Marc Says:

    I think that Greg Anthony is just upset about the bad rep he’s starting to build and was just looking for a particular target to lash out on. Who’s Greg Anthony to him that it should make him that upset. He’s just pissed that he’s on the hot seat. Why didn’t he get mad at the fans or the many analysts who criticized the pick?

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