So Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway wants to join the Grizzlies next season. It’s a reasonable choice for a team since Memphis is his home and the Grizzlies is a great organization, despite losing in the playoffs. Penny was most known for the Shaq and Penny tandem of Orlando that brought the Magic to the finals in 1995. They lost to the Houston Rockets, giving Hakeem Olajuwon his 2nd title.

After a serious knee injury that occured early in the 97-98 season, Penny had to undergo a lot of surgeries over the years and he never was the same again. Aside from Orlando, he spent time playing for the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks. Memphis might be a good opportunity for Penny, who just wants to show that he can still play. Penny can play all 3 perimeter positions so assuming he’s healthy, he’d be a good addition to the Grizzlies - a team that likes using its bench a lot.

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