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The King LeBron rules the Celtics

by james on May 17th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

LeBron James cries with joy as he gets to shoot free throws again

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Boston better get home in a hurry, because King James rules the Celtics.

Not to mention that Boston just cannot win a road game in the playoffs.

“They are at home and are expected to win,” Cavaliers forward Ben Wallace said.

It’s not just the Celtics who have been dominant in their own building: The home team is 21-2 in the conference semifinals, and it’s not all that hard to see why.

The home crowd can help the energy of the home team, and influence the referees as well; it’s hard to imagine the offensive foul called on Pierce in the final minute of Game 6 being called against him in Boston.

“Home court is huge,” Celtics guard Eddie House said. “It does help. It’s helped almost every playoff team in this round.”


LeBron James was amazing. As the game wore on LeBron wore out Boston. He was making some crazy shots, fading away, jumping up funny, leaners, dipsey dos, and free throw after free throw.

Early in the game Boston was fouling LeBron James on seemingly every possession. Paul Pierce and Sam Posey were both trying to guard LeBron. This is a dangerous strategy allowing LeBron to get into the shooting game at the free throw line.

The Cavs finally caught fire near the close of the half in a vicious rally that put the game in Cleveland’s favor. After that LeBron just stayed aggressive.

Trailing through much of the first half, the Cavaliers rallied for a 17-2 finish to the second quarter and a 7-0 start to the third. James scored 11 of the 24 points.

“He was aggressive and it was the same shots [as in earlier games in the series] but they were falling for him,” said Cavs forward Joe Smith. “All series long LeBron has done a great job of attacking the basket and taking what the defense has given him. Unfortunately, it hasn’t fallen on a consistent basis.

We will see if LeBron can stay aggressive and take down the Celtics in Boston for game 7.

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