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T-Wolves Agree To Send KG To Celtics

by Angelo on July 31st, 2007

Did you feel that? That was the balance of power shifting to the East’s favor by a considerable amount. Last time such an occurrence happened was when Shaq transferred to the Miami Heat from the LA Lakers. This time it’s because of the latest big news in the NBA: The T’Wolves have agreed to trade KG to the
Boston Celtics.

This isn’t a done deal yet in the sense that they still have to work out the other players involved and if there will be future draft picks involved. But one thing is for sure, KG IS going to the Celtics.

Among the players who could be headed to Minnesota are forward Al Jefferson, of Prentiss, guard Sebastian Telfair, swingman Gerald Green and center Theo Ratliff

SI 7/30/07

While this deal could very well have saved Celtics GM Danny Ainge’s career, the news has already caused a lot of hate for T’Wolves GM Kevin McHale among the fans. Already he is being labeled as the worst GM in NBA history because of this very move.

What I have to say to the T’Wolves fans is that it’s a good thing you’re getting some good talent back rather than losing him to free agency after the season ends. Think about it. KG wanted help and he darn wasn’t getting it with the Wolves. That’s why he got so upset during the season that he wanted to leave. But he’s a professional and he dealt with his problems with professionalism so he decided not to whine anymore and just play ball. Another season of what he got the past few seasons would have been enough for him to say “Enough with this!” and he would have looked for help elsewhere.

The T’Wolves rebuilding process is long overdue. KG should have been traded like two years ago to get some young talent to build for the future. With guys like Al Jefferson and Gerald Green potentially coming to Minnesota to add to guys like Randy Foye, Corey Brewer, Rashad McCants, Craig Smith and others the Wolves will have a nice pool of young talent to build on.

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