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Silver Lining For Cavs

by Angelo on May 26th, 2007

I’m typically an optimist so when I see a team like the Cavaliers down 2-0 to the Detroit Pistons I try to find the silver lining in this cloud. While I think the Pistons will come out of this series victorious when all is said and done, I always thought the Cavs would make them work their asses off before they do it and that’s what’s happening.

One observation I have about this series is that while the Pistons are winning the games so far, the Cavaliers are losing by only so little so much so that they could have won. That’s different from the losses they had when the two teams met last year. When the Cavs lost last year to the Pistons they really lost, this year they fought to the end and could have won the games. For me that’s a big deal and that’s certainly something going for the Cavs right now.

Another thing I noticed is that the Cavaliers are really making the defenders work and in the case of Tayshaun Prince, all that defending is taking it toll on him offensively. In game 2, he was held to just 1 point while Lebron still went on to score 19. Even guys like Rip Hamilton and Chris Webber struggled offensively shooting 5-14 and 4-13 respectively.

With this in mind, I think the Cavs have something to work with especially now that the series shifts to Cleveland for game 3. Hopefully with the home crowd behind them they can finally start winning. Remember, the Cavs were also down 2-0 last year against the Pistons and we know what happened next. Maybe the same thing could happen again!


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