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Shaq - Penny Reunion In Miami

by Angelo on August 10th, 2007

Just like Steve Francis and Yao Ming are together again after a few years of separation, Shaquille O’Neal and Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway are reunited after a MUCH longer period of separation. The Miami Heat was in search for some help from the free agent market and that person turned out to be Shaq’s former sidekick from his Orlando Magic days.

“Penny is a player who has been an All-Star and has enjoyed an illustrious career,” Heat president Pat Riley said. “We have been impressed at his hard work and dedication this summer to get back in shape and return to the NBA. He is a skilled player who can help us in multiple positions.”

Penny was known for his exciting and athletic moves but more importantly he’s known to be a multi talented player who can, as Riley mentioned, play multiple positions since he’s tall and athletic and can also score and pass well. He’s nowhere near the level of his Magic days but it seems he still has got game.

I have no problems with Penny Hardaway but I might have a few issues about him joining the Miami Heat. The aging Miami Heat roster just got older with Hardaway’s signing. What they need is youth. Ok I understand that there aren’t many quality young players left in the free agent market and even less of those they can afford. Penny is a quality veteran so I don’t really mind. But that team needs to get younger and they need to give their younger players more time to play so they can develop. When the core of your team outside Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem are a bunch of old fogies, that’s a sign you need a youth movement especially when the injury bug strikes the way it does in that team.

Again, I’m happy for the Shaq - Penny reunion but that team needs to address the problem of an aging roster now! They’ll have to do better a better job watching free agency from now on.

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