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Sarver Fined For Complaining To Refs

by Angelo on November 6th, 2006

If you were figuring that Mark Cuban would be the first victim of the NBA’s new so-called Code of Conduct for owners, you figured wrong.

ESPN.com has learned that Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver was fined $25,000 on Friday for violating a new league rule regarding “excessive complaining about officiating during games.”

The incident occurred Wednesday night in the Suns’ 112-104 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers in Phoenix.

Sarver was penalized, according to league sources, for voicing his displeasure during a player-referee discussion near his courtside seat during a fourth-quarter stoppage in play.

League officials refused to comment Saturday, as did the Suns.


Step aside Mark Cuban! You have been beaten to the race for the first owner to be fined. I love emotional owners. It makes the league so much more colorful. Personally I like those owners who complain like Cuban does. It shows involvement, concern and passion for the team.

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