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Pistons Rasheed Wallace Guaransheeds the East

by james on October 23rd, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Rasheed - always laughing, yet always intense

Rasheed is never timid with an opinion.

He is also never had a problem being controversial or confrontational.

Wallace is also a big reason at 6′ 11″ as to why the Pistons are big winners every year.

“Hey Rasheed, will the Pistons win the East?”

Rasheed answers.

“All those teams made changes to try and get with us — Boston, Chicago — all those teams are trying to catch up with us. I am not worried about what they do. I am confident here with this camp.” source

Now we turn to Rasheed’s coach Flip Saunders and ask Flip about confrontations with Rasheed.

“Are ‘Sheed and I going to have confrontations? Yes,” the coach told reporters. “We can get that out of the way right now. I can’t be afraid of confrontation because there are things I want done and things I will demand. ‘Sheed can be great and sometimes ‘Sheed can snap. That’s who he is. There’s going to be confrontation. But anytime we’ve had a confrontation, the next day it’s like nothing happened.”

Hmm, wonder what could upset the Pistons march to the Eastern Crown? Hey, maybe a Kobe trade?

Bryant is the only current NBA player with a no-trade clause, ensuring he’ll call his own shots and limiting any leverage the Lakers might hold in trade negotiations. He reportedly has listed Dallas and Chicago as the only teams to which he would agree to a trade. It’s unlikely the Lakers would deal him to a Western Conference opponent knowing that Bryant would return to Los Angeles as much as three times during the regular season as well as a playoff series. source

Oh well, believe it when you see it and even then there is a little thing called chemistry.

Can’t get enough of Rasheed Wallace? There are 100 reasons to love him! Try this excerpt from Scoop Jackson.

‘Scoop’ Jackson writes: “In the past 15 months since he was traded here, I think I’ve done four feature stories on him. All saying the same thing: that he’s the most valuable player in the League. No one understood. Not even him.

He stays leaned against the wall. Sony headphones in standard post-game position, covering his temples.

‘So, what’s been up with you?’ he asks.

‘Tryna stay outta jail.’ I answer.

‘That ain’t easy for a black man to do.’”

Meanwhile, Rasheed predicts the Eastern Conference will go to the Pistons!

NBA Basketball Fan Question Who are you predicting to win the East?

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