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Olympic Basketball - U.S. over Germany, Howard to swim 100

by james on August 18th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Dwight Howard is even helping other players dribble the ball

Medal play will now begin after the Redeem Team beat Germany handily 106 - 57.

Carmelo Anthony, always good for a quote, had this to say.

“It’s finally here,” forward Carmelo Anthony said. “We’re knocking on the door. It’s time to get down to business right now. We’ve got three games to accomplish what we’ve been waiting to do for four years.”


The United States went off to a huge lead punctuated by a LeBron dunk to make the score 20 -3.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps made a huge impression on the Redeem Team.

After the game, the Americans celebrated in their locker room with Michael Phelps. He went 8-for-8 in Beijing, and that’s exactly what the U.S. is shooting for.

In a tribute to the record-setting swimmer, center Dwight Howard sported a pair of swim goggles at the postgame news conference, and he joked that he’s going to give the 100 meters a shot.

Dirk Nowitzki is not having a great Olympics so far and only had 14 points for Germany. By contrast, Dwight Howard had 22 points and 10 rebounds.

Be sure to check out all your Olympic news at NBCOlympics.com

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