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NBA Stats that surprise

by james on April 15th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

While perusing the USA Today over my mid afternoon, really my morning, but your mid afternoon coffee, some surprising stats popped up.

Scoring Average: While no surprise that LeBron James leads with 30 and Kobe Bryant is second with 28.4, there are some surprises. Did you know that Denver has the next two with Iverson and Carmelo don’t smell my breath Anthony? Did you know Al Jefferson is averaging a pretty heady 23 points a game for Minnesota? He is the forgotten man in the Kevin Garnett trade. Kevin Garnett is not on the list.

Kevin Garnett not in the NBA stats for scoring average and Al Jefferson is

Image details: Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls served by picapp.com

Field Goal Percentage: Beidrins of Golden State is the leader at .623. Who? That is what came out of my mouth too. He is the Center for the Golden State Warriors and averages 10 points and almost 10 rebounds per game. This is Andris Beidrins 4th year and he really upped his stats.

Three Point field goal percentage: This one took me really by surprise. Toronto has the leader and two others on a list of the top ten. The leader is Kapono. Oh, not that deadly “Who?” again? It is Jason Kopono from UCLA. Oh, that Kapono. Like we know a whole bunch of Kapono’s.

Toronto also checks in with Jose Calderon and Parker. Not Tony Parker, but Anthony Parker. Which is kind of like Tony Parker, isn’t it? But not the one from the San Antonio Spurs with the cute girlfriend. Not that Anthony Parker may not have a cute girlfriend, but…arrrgghh. The Toronto Parker, leave it at that.

Better end this now, it is getting too confusing.

NBA Basketball special comment Don’t you love the NBA stats?

As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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