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LeBron may leave home in 2010

by james on September 16th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Uh oh, isn’t that LeBron James having a very good time in New York?

Every time this subject comes up, the possible leaving of LeBron James from the Cavaliers, the most comments roll in. Some of you realize my Detroit Pistons loyalties and think this is just stirring up trouble. Some of you have heard this or that about LeBron in Cleveland and say LeBron is staying no matter what.

My thinking is follow the money. LeBron can be branded so much more effectively in New York than in Cleveland.

My guess is only if the Cavaliers can surround him with a great team will he stay in Cleveland.

The writers at ESPN, 25 of them, were asked where LeBron would end up in 2010 and most of them said Cleveland, but one of them even said my Pistons. Oh, wouldn’t that be great!

The Knicks are mentioned and even Europe with their 50 million dollar offer.

And how about the Nets?

But Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports wonders if Cleveland has enough glitz and glamour to prevent James from bolting to the Nets: “LeBron doesn’t want to just win titles. His stated wants include becoming sport’s first billionaire athlete. Among his advisors, he counts Warren Buffett. Jay-Z has helped James focus his mind on chasing something bigger than basketball. The question will be this: For the kid out of Akron, will his hometown — will even winning — be enough to hold onto LeBron James?”

And the Nets’ expected move to Brooklyn could be the clincher for LeBron, if we are to take seriously his proclaimed love for the Nets’ borough-to-be, as reported by Chris Sheridan: “My favorite borough? Brooklyn. Brooklyn is definitely a great place here in New York City, and some of my best friends are from Brooklyn.”


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