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Isiah Thomas - Win to forget

by james on November 7th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Sports can really suck sometimes.

As fans, you often forget about a man’s character if he can help your team win. Admit it.

Isiah Thomas knows that if he can win, all will be well in New York and the NBA.

Tuesday the Knicks beat the Nuggets 119 to 112.

Fans are already beginning to love Isiah again.

It was the Denver Nuggets and George Karl, where things really began to spiral downward for Isiah.

Just a year ago, these Nuggets and Knicks had been co-conspirators in a night of sucker punches, suspensions and damaged public personas. Since the brawl, Thomas’ New York life has been one public humiliation after another. Karl called Thomas “an ass” and “full of (expletive)” after his Nuggets lost Carmelo Anthony for 15 games, and Thomas never did respond.

Ever since, Thomas has been backpedaling as Knicks emperor, a tumultuous tenure that has turned him inward, even bitter. For so long the subject of the tabloid’s back-page lampoons, this summer’s sexual harassment trial worked him to the front of the papers. Since losing the case, he has still tried to sell himself as the victim, not the perpetrator.

The front line of Eddie Curry and Zach Randolph is helping to transform the Knicks into a formidable team and make the winning possible to leave the fans thinking only of victory. Isiah knows how to survive.

Before those things can happen, there is the matter of Thomas’ last stand with his reshaped roster. Give Thomas this: He is a survivor. He doesn’t go down easily. Michael Jordan has long been reputed to have shunned him from the Dream Team in 1992, and Pistons owner Bill Davidson chose Joe Dumars over Thomas to run his franchise. And yes, Larry Bird fired him as Pacers coach in 2001. Always, Thomas has gotten up again. He still sees himself as the little kid who survived Chicago’s west side to turn himself into the game’s greatest little man ever.

That trial against a deposed Knicks executive seemed to hit him the hardest, though, because nothing devours the human spirit like going through the ringer in New York. In this preseason, Thomas has done a lot of feeling sorry for himself. Around the league, he is isolated. Even within the Garden, his power has been marginalized. Everywhere, it’s open season on Isiah Thomas. Before the game, someone asked Karl if he had apologized to Thomas for the nasty names he called him last December, and the Nuggets coach rolled his eyes and let out a long sigh.

It seems Isiah has worn out his friends and co-workers and is left with only the winning.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Will the Knicks be able to win enough this year?

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