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Isiah Thomas - sad state of the Knicks I

by james on October 12th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

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Isiah looks on in disbelief as the Knicks crumble

How does this guy keep his job?

Oh, this has nothing to do with the harassment suit.

(And how does he get out of any fines on that one?)

Isiah has sunk the Knicks to new depths of despair, but there is more to this story.

Enter James Dolan

The owner of the Knicks may be more of a problem than Isiah. Jim Dolan is the guy that hired Isiah and keeps him on the job. Jim Dolan is the guy that dumped a fortune into the Knicks and keeps dumping.

Didn’t think so. Only Dolan can spend $125 million on a single season’s worth of guards, forwards and centers and a potential $50 million on a single season’s worth of Larry Brown and come away with the priceless blueprint for how to ruin a big-league franchise.

Now some fans are fighting back for this once proud franchise with a petition to oust Jim Dolan. Here is an excerpt:

-Signed Allan Houston to $100 mil contract, when no other team offered him more than $75 (not even)
-Sprewell (the heart of the Knicks at the time) traded for Keith Van Horn
-Traded Ewing (instead of his expiring contract)
-Traded for Steve Francis in exchange of Penny Hardaway’s expiring contract.
-Signed Jerome James to a massive contract
-Signed Clarence Weatherspoon to a less massive contract than James
-Buyouts of Jalen Rose, Shandon Anderson, Maurice Taylor
-The hiring/firing of Larry Brown.
-The sexual harassment charges against MSG and Isiah Thomas

So, if you are a tried and true Knicks fan, you may want to check it out and see what it is all about.

The Squibster neither endorses or approves of anyone losing their job, unless their name has the initials M (att) M (illen), but that is a football GM story.

Tomorrow your intrepid author will delve deeper into why the Knicks are needed in the NBA.

NBA Basketball Fan Question The Knicks are loaded with boneheaded talented players. Will they even make the playoffs?

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