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Deron Williams robbed, Chris Paul paid back

by james on February 5th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Sometimes they do not get into your house.


The robbers.

What are you talking about?

Sometimes they steal something inside of you.

Like what?

Your pride, confidence, or self worth can be stolen. That leaves you with only two things to do.

What two things? How do you steal someone’s pride, confidence, or self worth?

Deron Williams was left off the All Star team. It hurt. The All Star game will be held in New Orleans and Chris Paul made the team. That hurt even more.

Deron made sure that Utah would beat New Orleans last night.

Utah Jazz 110 New Orleans Hornets 88

Deron was left off, mostly because he plays for Utah.

Most of us in the Midwest or East know about the Suns, Mavericks, Lakers, even the Nuggets, but Utah? Hey, doesn’t that former Piston, Ochre, Ogre, …Okur, that is his name. Doesn’t he play for Utah?

And that one guy named for an alcohol, Boozer. Yeah, he is built like a fullback, only 6 foot nine.

Meanwhile one of the hottest teams in the NBA, New Orleans, has Chris Paul at point guard. That would be Deron’s position.

Utah just happened to be playing New Orleans.

The two things

Basic caveman, limbic system, type things. Fight or Flight.

The game was at home, so Deron did not have to take a flight, so he went with the fight.

Williams, who went with the No. 3 pick to Utah in that draft, scored 29 points and had 11 assists in Utah’s 110-88 victory over New Orleans on Monday night that extended the Jazz’s winning streak to nine games.

“People are going to compare them as long as they’re in the league,” Utah coach Jerry Sloan said. “There’s nothing you can do about that. But we’re looking for him to be Deron Williams.”

Paul went to the Hornets with fourth pick and the two have been compared ever since. source


Think there was any revenge going on here?

“He came out tonight to send a message and I think that message got sent across,” said Carlos Boozer, who had 19 points and 17 rebounds for the Jazz and is going to the All-Star game in New Orleans.

Williams had his eighth straight double-double and hit three 3-pointers as the Jazz set a team record by making 14 from beyond the arc. He finished 11-for-13 from the floor, but his defense was just as big as the Jazz turned the meeting of division leaders into a route. source

This was no personal vendetta for Deron Williams. He is not that kind of guy, but some of that sting of that All Star vote had to be let out and Chris just happened to be there.

Williams got Hornets guard Chris Paul — selected for the All-Star game last week while Williams was not — into early foul trouble and held him to just six points and six assists.

Williams said it was nothing personal against Paul.

Your intrepid author has heaped praise on Deron Williams before.

Deron Williams is underdog

Kenny Smith listed Deron above Chris by only one position in rating the point guards. Both of them highly regarded as rookies.

Top 10 NBA point guards

So Deron will be at home for this All Star game, but don’t expect him to miss very many.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Did you vote for Chris Paul or Deron Williams?

As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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