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Crawford, Livingston Out With Injury For A Long Time

by Angelo on February 28th, 2007

It’s always tragic news for a player to get injured because it not only stops him from doing his work but it also stops him from doing what he loves. But alas injuries is a sad but true fact about basketball and any other sport for that matter. It’s especially more unfortunate when someone goes down in the latter part of the season when all the games really count. The NBA has recently learned about two unfortunate injuries, that of Knicks guard Jamal Crawford and Clippers guard Shaun Livingston.

Jamal Crawford suffered a stress fracture to his right ankle and could require a season ending surgery to repair it. The loss of Crawford will be a big blow to the already struggling Knicks since he’s such a huge part of their offense with his big time scoring.

“It’s very disappointing, honestly,” Crawford told reporters on Tuesday. “You never expect anything like this to happen. I guess it’s just part of life.”

ESPN 2/27/07

Clippers point guard Shaun Livingston suffered a serious knee injury during the game against the Charlotte Bobcats. The injury will definitely sidle line him for the rest fo the season and he could even miss all of next season.

“It’s probably the most serious injury you can have to the knee,” Clippers physician Dr. Tony Daly said Tuesday. “He might miss all of next year.”

“He came down on the leg without any contact with anybody. It’s a freak accident, that’s for sure,” said Daly, who has rarely seen anything similar in 24 years of practice.

ESPN 2/27/07

With this injury the Clippers have the problem of point guard depth now with no one much to help the aging Sam Cassell at the spot.Livingston is supposed to be the Clippers point guard of the future but if he keeps getting seriously injured like this I have a feeling he won’t be around to see a long career. Cassell will retire soon and if Livingston can’t stay healthy I think they’ll need to draft a new point guard soon enough.

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