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A More Mature Francis Could Help Rockets In Comeback

by Angelo on July 23rd, 2007

Steve Francis hasn’t really seen much success after getting traded away from the Rockets a few seasons ago. His journey away from his beloved Houston has made him a more mature player (at least that’s what he says). If that’s true, Francis may be a huge help for the Rockets in his return to the team, who are trying to win a playoff series. He may not be “Franchise” any more but there’s no doubt the guy has talent.

It’s a good sign that he isn’t actively looking to be “Franchise” again. In those days he was playing at an All Star level he looked like he was concerned with his stats and the kind of show he can put up. Alonzo Mourning was the star of the Miami Heat before and coming back to the Heat several years later he didn’t look to reclaim his star status with the team yet he is a solid and important member of that Miami Heat team. If Francis can truly be that kind of player I think the Rockets will have a nice asset.

The danger I still see about Francis being back with the Rockets is that assuming he does take a back seat in his role with the Rockets, he might end up being an “overpaid role player” he was with the Knicks. We saw him riding the bench many times and when he was on the floor he wasn’t that consistent. Hopefully if he gets the playing time and confidence back he can be close to the star quality player he was before!

I just gotta see this to believe it. I’m sure a lot Rockets fans are happy he’s back and willing to take a backseat to win games.

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1 opinion for A More Mature Francis Could Help Rockets In Comeback

  • Mike
    Jul 24, 2007 at 7:53 pm

    God help the Rockets. If Francis’ maturity equaled his oversized contract, then he should be the most-wanted PG in the league.

    But he’s not.

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